Class Rooms


Theoretical lectures are delivered in the classrooms and the major teaching-learning process takes place in the classrooms. The nuances of different subjects are explained by the faculty members and absorbed by the students. This process of transfer of knowledge is an extremely important part of education because a smooth transfer results in efficient learning and vice-versa. The environment within the classroom plays an important role and the University has designed the rooms as per international standards and provides the necessary furniture and other tools, aids etc. necessary for different programmes.

To make the environment student-friendly, comfortable seating arrangement has been provided. Attention is also being paid towards properly illuminating the rooms, ensuring that there is no echo effect, properly fixing boards of adequate dimension - white/green - at appropriate places, providing podiums of proper sizes at right places, etc. All the classrooms are equipped with teaching aids needed to support technology enhanced learning with audio visual aids like LCD projector, Direct Overhead Projector etc.