The transportation facility provided by SGM Group is certainly the best amongst the institutions operating in the area. The bus routes cover various towns and villages in and around Mathura, Vrindavan, Chhata, Kosi Kalan etc. The students and faculty members are ferried in comfortable buses.

Commuting to SGM Group campus located at Chhata, Mathura from adjoining areas is an important issue for the students since it is 7 km away from the city of Mathura on national highway NH- 2. The need for commuting is very well addressed by the University by extending transport facilities to the students and faculty members with the help of owned fleet of semi-luxury buses.

The charges for availing transport services are very nominal and affordable. The University provides transport facility to the girls at a subsidized cost for encouraging them to pursue higher education. Each bus has a senior faculty member as in charge and he/she ensures that proper discipline is maintained in the bus en route.