In the immediately preceding year, the Shri Girraj Maharaj Group of Institutions conducted many such seminars and workshops - both national and international - where renowned scholars were invited to address the students on their areas of expertise. Some of the topics covered under this programme (seminars/workshops) are:-      

  • Positive thinking & its power      
  • Career Guidance to class 10 & class 10+2 students      
  • Motivation & power of thought      
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence to become Good Leaders

    In classrooms, the teachers involve themselves in covering topics on different subjects within stipulated time and there is little scope (for paucity of time) for discussing in details on any relevant topic of academic interest. Mere classroom teaching results in incomplete learning and needs to be complemented in certain forms so that the students are properly educated with requisite knowledge on essential subjects.

    The feedback of the students is collected at the end of each seminar/workshop so that their perception can be properly analyzed for future planning and inviting subject experts from different universities / institutions / organizations for conducting such seminars/workshops. Seminars/Workshop      

  • PDP Classes for Students      
  • Workshop for Embracing Change for Self Development      
  • Career Development Seminar      
  • Seminar on Personality Development      
  • Workshop on creative arts & crafts      
  • Workshop on Career awareness & Opportunities in Polytechnic      
  • Seminar on Women Empowerment in Present Scenario      
  • Seminar on Biodiversity and Development      
  • Conference on Local Environmental changes Have Global Effects      
  • Workshop on Developing and using Creativity in learning      
  • Workshop on interviewing skills      
  • Seminar on Social Networking      
  • Workshop on Career awareness & Opportunities in Agriculture      
  • Workshop on Ethics Value & Respect      
  • Seminar on Open Source Avenues      
  • Seminar on Microsoft Azure Framework