It has been perennially found that the students' community flock together in groups amongst classmates and other friends of the same educational establishment after routine classes for unwinding. Such meetings / get-togethers help in breaking the monotony of successive classroom lectures attended during the day. Also, meeting at hang-outs gives the students an opportunity to refresh themselves in a group and, as the proverb goes, 'raising storm over a cup of tea' on various divergent topics ranging from art and culture to sports, music, politics etc.

These meetings points / joints are typically known as hang-outs where the students want to spend as much time as they can - for both enjoyment and unwinding / release of stress.

The students of SGM are no different and, at leisure time, they also wish to hang-out:

  • Within the campus premises in canteen or rumpus
  • In malls and other shopping centres in the town of Mathura.